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How to Stop Puppies Biting

How to Stop Puppies BitingOne of the most common questions in dog forums around the internet is “How to Stop Puppies Biting”? Biting (also known as nipping and mouthing) is very common in puppies, it is a way that they get to know their surroundings. This is one of the most common ways that dogs learn about the environment they live in.
A clear distinction between dog aggression and nipping should be made early on. Dogs mean no harm when they are nipping or mouthing, it’s just a way they learn.
Before we start talking about how to stop puppies biting, you must understand that there is a big difference between aggression and puppies biting in order to “explore their worlds”. Most of the time when puppies are going through the nipping stage, they mean no harm to you at all when they bite you.

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Knowing how to stop puppies biting is something all dog owners need to learn. Puppies that are not taught to stop biting at an early age can grow into much more powerful and dangerous dogs without even realizing it. Often when puppies are removed from their parents at a young age, they miss out on the training lessons that their mom’s usually give them about nipping and biting. Missing these vital lessons means that they may never learn (until later in life) how forceful they should be when playing with humans or other pets.

Puppies that do grow up during their first few months with their mothers and siblings learn naturally how much force is acceptable. If however your puppy missed out on this learning, you will have to teach him yourself – you will need to know how to stop puppies biting.
How to Stop Puppies Biting: The Simple Method
Teaching a puppy or dog not to bite is usually quite a simple process. The most common way to stop puppies biting is outlined below:
If your puppy or dog bites you too hard, make a loud yelping sound and immediately turn your body away from your dog. For the next minute or so show absolutely no interest in playing or touching the puppy. After 1 minute has passed, you can turn and make up with your puppy.
If other people are present in the room when your puppy bites you, ensure that they also totally ignore the puppy (and turn away from it) for the same amount of time as you.
If your puppy snaps at you during play time, or actually tries to bite you, apply the same method that is mentioned above. This time say “NO” the moment your dog bites you. Once your puppy has settled down and clearly understands what has taken place you can then praise the puppy.
Never use physical force to train your dog. It’s not necessary and almost always results in your dog become confused and receiving mixed messages. Even if your puppy bites you hard, never hit it. If your dog ends up fearing you instead of respecting you as its master, training will become more and more difficult.
How to Stop Puppies Biting when they are Excited
If your puppy is overly excited and really persistent in trying to bite or nip you, you may need to move your dog to an area where it’s isolated. Go and tie your dog up somewhere where it can be totally alone for 10 – 15 minutes to let it cool down a little.
Don’t use your crate as an area of isolation however, while this may seem convenient, you should never use the crate as a prison as this can have negative effects on many other training activities. If you occasionally use your puppy’s crate to transport it, there’s even more reason not to use it as a prison.
Avoid playing games that pit you against your puppy. Games like tug of war and wrestling usually only encourage aggressive behavior and train your dog that clenching its jaws when playing with you is ok.
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