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How to Stop Dogs Jumping Up

How to Stop Dogs JumpingDogs jumping up is a common and frequent problem for dog owners. A large jumping dog can be not only annoying but actually dangerous. If you are a dog owner, its very important that you know how to stop dogs jumping up on people. Jumping dogs can knock children down and scratch and scare everyone else. Your dog most likely learned to jump up on you when it was a puppy.  

Most puppies are very cute and fun to play with when they begin to jump up on you and only reach up to your knees. Without knowing it at the time, you are actually encouraging the jumping behavior that may cause you a few headaches in a few months or years time when you dog is bigger and stronger.

Every time you greet a puppy with a great big hug as it jumps to your knees you are actually telling the puppy that jumping is a good way to get affection and attention. Your puppy has no way of understanding that small dogs jumping up is acceptable whereas large dos jumping up is unacceptable.  

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In most cases, dogs jumping up is a reactoin to being excited. This is most common upon your arrival home from work. The other more serious reason that can lead to dogs jumping up is because they want to display their dominance over you. This is a behavior that dates back to when dogs roamed wild and free, when dogs jumping up on other dogs was one way of showing their dominance.  

If your dogs jumping is out of excitement you will be able to tell. Likewise, if your dogs jumping is in an attempt to exert dominance over you, you will also know. One of the key signs that your dogs jumping is an attempt to display dominance over you is when your dog jumps on you randomly throughout the day without any real reason. 

If your dogs jumping is due to wanting to display dominance over you, you will need to show your dog that you are the Alpha dog (the boss). Becoming the Alpha dog won’t happen over night but if you practice some simple habits, you will soon be able to win back respect from your dog. The tips below are a quick summary of what needs to be done to become the Alpha dog:  

1) Greet your dog when YOU are ready – When you get home, don’t drop everything to greet your dog. Do it 5 or 10 minutes after arrival.
2) Make him work for your attention – Your attention should be a form of reward for your dog. Before giving your dog any kind of treat, always make him follow a basic command such as “sit”.

3) Your dog eats second – Don’t feed your dog until you and your family have completely finished eating.  
4) Give your dog some basic training – Spend a little time each teaching your dog how to sit, stay, and come.  

These 4 tips above should give you Alpha Dog status in no time.  

Now you will be in a situation where you are able to effectively train your dog not to jump. Firstly, you need to remember that consistency is the key to almost all forms of dog training. If you are training your dog not to jump, make this a consistent rule. Jumping is never allowed unless you ask for it.  

When your dogs jumping up, they best way to train him that it’s not ok is to simply ignore your dog. Turn away and give it the cold shoulder. By turning away the moment your dog tries to jump up on you, your body language says to the dog that you won’t respond to jumping.  

Once your dog is down in the standing position (on all fours), you can go ahead and praise him. The fact that one minute you are actively ignoring your dog and the very next you are praising him will not confuse your dog. Dogs associate reactions with what is taking place at that very moment, so by praising your dog when it is standing next to you will get the point across that this is they way it should behave.  

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