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How to Stop a Dog Chewing

How to Stop a Dog ChewingChewing is a common problem experienced by many dog owners. Chewing in itself is actually a healthy activity; it only becomes a problem when your dog starts destroying your couch or your new shoes. This page will focus on how to stop a dog chewing.  

In order to successfully stop a dog chewing, you need to know why dogs chew. Dogs chew for a number of reasons, the most common reasons being the following: 

  • Dogs enjoy chewing. They find it fun and rewarding.
  • Bored dogs find chewing to be a good outlet to that boredom.
  • Dogs that don’t get enough exercise sometimes chew to relieve the buildup of tension.

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You can stop a dog chewing through some reasonably easy training exercises. I’ll now go through a few tips and suggestions that might help you stop dogs chewing.

  • Clear your house of all objects that are left lying around. Put your favorite shoes away and leave the remote control on top of the TV. Remove the temptation to chew by removing all chewable objects.
  • Don’t let your dog get used to chewing the “banned items”. Try to teach your dog from early on that things such as chair legs, and books are not to be chewed.
  • Stay consistent in what you allow your dog to chew. If you want to stop a dog chewing a new pair of shoes, don't allow it to chew an old pair of shoes. Dogs can’t tell distiguish between subtle differences like this. For dogs, a shoe is a shoe.
  • Give your dog chew toys and encourage her to use them.
  • Actively supervise your dig when its learning what can and cant be chewed, correct any bad behavior when it happens.

Stop a Dog ChewingOne way you stop a dog chewing items that are “banned” is to clap your hands or say “No” in a loud voice any time your dog starts chewing that item. Praise your dog when it chews its chew toys. 

Your dog isn’t going to learn what can and can’t be chewed over night. Expect accidents to happen and act appropriately when they do. 

If you are having real trouble with a particular item such as the couch leg, consider spraying a product such as bitter apple chew deterrent onto the item (see image on the right). This will instantly stop your dog from chewing it and can be purchased online for around $7.50.  

Chewing can be a real problem, but with a little persistent training, you will almost always be able to stop a dog chewing. For more information on how to effectively stop a dog chewing, download the top selling book by Daniel Stevens titled “Secrets to Dog Training”. Secrets to Dog Training offers thorough and quality advice about how to stop dogs chewing.

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