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How to Stop a Dog Barking

How to Stop a Dog BarkingWhy do dogs bark and how to stop a dog barking - the answers to these questions are provided below.

Some dogs are bred to bark only when a threat is identified. This is especially true of guarding dogs, breeds such as German Shepherds and Rottweiler’s and 2 good examples. Other dogs might bark to show their owner that they’ve found a scent while hunting.

Before understanding how to stop a dog barking, you need to first understand that it is the natural instinct of almost all dogs to bark under the following conditions:

  • When the dog is bored
  • When the dog is hungry
  • When your dog wants to play
  • When you dog sees another animal
  • When your dog needs to go outside to go to the toilet

These 5 reasons mentioned above are all natural reasons for barking and it would be unreasonable to ban it.

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Some dogs barking can be out of control however, to the point where it becomes extremely annoying - this is when knowing how to stop a dog barking becomes priceless.

One common situation that you may encounter is one where your dog comes to you and simply won’t stop barking. Perhaps she wants to play, or wants some kind of attention. If this is the reason for the barking, then it is unacceptable. Your dog must respect you and must understand that she is not on equal terms with you. You must be the master in this relationship.

What can you do in this situation when your dog is not showing you respect and is demanding attention?

The best thing you can do is to ignore your dogs barking. But don’t do this by simply sitting back and pretending you are not hearing the barking, make some subtle body movements that show your dog that you will not respond to such rude and disrespectful behavior. The way you do this is to turn your back on your dog the very moment that the barking starts.

This method of training your dog not to bark doesn’t require you to even say “No” to your dog. Simply get up, turn around, and sit in a place where your back is to your dog. Avoid eye contact with your dog.

The first time you do this, chances are your dog isn’t going to understand and it will probably bark even more frequently and even louder. Unfortunately this is just part of the process as your dog is learning and getting accustomed to the new rules. Expect your dogs barking to get worse before it gets better.

The key to training your dog to stop barking using this approach is to stay consistent. Don’t give in after 10 minutes of non-stop barking as this just means that your dog is going to learn that to get your attention, she needs to bark for ten minutes.

If this method doesn’t work and your dog keeps barking anyway, another approach is to reach out and clasp your dog’s mouth in one hand and gently hold it shut. Keep holding the mouth shut until your dog has calmed down and stopped trying to escape your grasp. Once your dog is calm, remove your hand and praise your dog for stopping barking.

Your dog will learn that barking is not going to be tolerated and that you are a strong, and when necessary, physical leader.

If your dog is barking for no apparent reason, it is usually because they have too much energy building up inside which may be due to a lack of exercise. Dogs are most content and healthy with 90 minutes of exercise per day. It’s probably unrealistic to think that busy working people have 90 minutes spare per day that they can use to walk or run with their dog. But, if your dog has a lot of nervous energy and maintains barking, additional exercise is almost always required. If you can’t squeeze even 25 minutes into your day to run, walk, or play with your dog then maybe a dog walker is a good alternative.

The other reason that causes too much barking is when dogs are alone for too long. If you work all day and leave your dog at home alone, chances are you dog is lacking social interaction. Dogs like to interact with humans and social interaction between humans and dogs is very important not only to keep your dog happy but also for its health. If your dog is barking excessively, it may be due to a lack of attention which can easily be cured by 5 minutes of play. 

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