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Housebreaking a Puppy

Housebreaking a PuppyHousebreaking a puppy is one of the fist things you will want to get out of the way after you buy one. Many people assume that housebreaking has to be time consuming and difficult, luckily this is not always the case. Housebreaking a puppy can be done relatively quickly if you follow a regular and consistent training routine.

One of the most important things to realise when housebreaking a puppy is that they need to urinate every couple of house – as such, make sure you take them outside frequently. The best thing to do is to set a regular schedule and stick to it. For example, you may choose to take the puppy outside first thing in the morning, then again at 10am, at midday, at 3pm, at 5pm, and then at 7pm before going to bed. I know this sounds hectic but it is the best way to avoid accidents and you only need to do it for a couple of weeks. As the puppy gets older you can extend the time breaks between going outside.

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During the housebreaking process when the puppy is in the house it should be confined to a small room (such as a bathroom with easy to clean floor) or crate. Lay down newspaper to help clean up after any accidents. If your puppy does have an accident, don’t punish it physically, rather clap your hands your give a quick shout. The best way to teach the puppy is to use positive reinforcement while the puppy is peeing and afterwards (providing the puppy is peeing where it should). Use a high pitched voice and congratulate the puppy when it has gone to the toilet where you want it to.

Most young puppies are unable to last an entire night without needing to urinate so if you are crate training the puppy (and it’s sleeping in the crate), you may want to get up once during the night to take the puppy to his/her toilet area, otherwise make sure you take the puppy outside first thing in the morning.

When you are housebreaking a puppy, one of the important things that you need to do is clean up accidents thoroughly. Make sure the cleaning product you use is strong enough to take away all scent of the odour otherwise it’s likely that the puppy will return to the same place to urinate again.

Another tip is to make sure that you don’t feed the puppy food or water within 2 hours of their bedtime. This will minimise the chance that they have an accident during the night.

It’s beneficial to involve the whole family when you are training or housebreaking a puppy. This provides great social training for your puppy and makes sure there are more people available to attend to the puppy when required. When more than one person spends a significant amount of time with the puppy, make sure they know the training rules. This is critical for the success in housebreaking the puppy.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have patience and understanding when housebreaking a puppy. The house rules may take some time to learn but providing you stay persistent and consistent you will eventually successfully housebreak your puppy.

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