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Guard Dog Training

Guard Dog TrainingHaving a dog guard to watch over your home and family can be very reassuring. Not all dogs make good guard dogs however; some dogs are better suited to being good guard dogs than others. Breeds such as German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, and Rottweiler’s are often used as guard dogs, many other breeds make adequate guard dogs as well. If you want to have a guard dog you will need to take your dog/puppy through some guard dog training.  

First and foremost, before you start your guard dog training it’s vital that your dog understands the most basic commands and instructions. Sit, stay, fetch, down, and come should all be fully understood by your dog. You dog should also be obedient and it should obey your commands at all times.  

It’s also helpful that you build up a good relationship with your guard dog. Ideally you have had your dog since it was a puppy and it respects your authority. The best way to build up a relationship with your dog is to spend a lot of time with it. Play with it and run through training drills frequently.  

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Providing that you have these fundamentals covered, you are ready to start guard dog training.  

The easiest way for your dog to alert you to possible danger or intruders is through barking. You will need to teach your guard dog when and how to bark properly. The easiest way to teach your dog that it should bark when someone enters the property is by walking to the dog every time it barks. From a young age practice this with your dog. Your dog will learn that his/her barking gets your attention.  

For effective guard dog training you will also need to teach your dog when it is not ok to bark. It’s not ok to bark at cats, insects, people walking past the house, and cars driving by. If your dog barks at these times, say a simple “no” to your dog and give it no further attention. Don’t go to the dog. Once the dog understands this it will no longer bark at these distractions.  

Guard dog training can be difficult and can take some time. If you want to speed up your process you may find using a professional dog trainer or some other guard dog training guide helps. Professional dog trainers can be very expensive and many people argue that for the most effective training you need to do it yourself. We have reviewed several dog training products and found “Secrets of Dog Training” by Daniel Stevens to be the most applicable to guard dog training.  

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