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Online Dog Training Review

Online Dog Training Review


The creator of this course (Dove Cresswell) is well known in dog circles. Dove has worked on numerous movies, tv shows, and commercials as a dog trainer. Some of her work includes Behind the Camera: Charlie’s Angels, Saved!, and Romeo.

So Dove is definitely a respected trainer – but how good is her dog training course?

Dove’s course is divided into 7 main lessons covering:

  1. House Training Puppies/Potty training
  2. Dog Obedience Training
  3. Crate Training
  4. Walking Politely on a Leash
  5. Recalling you Dog
  6. Good Puppy and Dog Manners
  7. Special Dog Tricks

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Her lessons are straight to the point. She doesn’t pad out the material with things that aren’t important which I found refreshing. You are able to see and hear exactly how Dove trains a dog which I found useful.

Dove Cresswell’s online dog training course also comes with 8 bonuses:

  1. Teach Your Dog to Fetch
  2. Teach Your Dog to Play Soccer
  3. Teach Your Dog to Play Hide n Seek
  4. Information on Dog Sports
  5. Choosing the Right Toys for Your Dog
  6. Earning Your Dogs Respect
  7. Choose the Right Dog Food and Treats for Your Dog
  8. 1 Personal Question for Dove to Answer Personally

As you can see, the bonus package is made up of mainly lessons on how to teach your dog to play games and do tricks. While these lessons are interesting, they may not be appealing to some people.

One of the main disadvantages that I found with Doves course was that you need a computer to use it as there is no hard copy available. I also felt that the course was probably not as in-depth as it could have been. You don’t have a lot to carry on with after watching 7 videos.

While this is a quality product and Dove Cresswell definitely knows what she’s talking about, I think you get better value for money with a product that is more in depth and covers a wider range of topics such as Secrets of Dog Training.


If you are looking to teach you dog tricks, then by all means, Dove Cresswell’s Online Dog Training Course is probably the best product to go for, if however you want a more methodical and thorough approach to dog training - consider Secrets to Dog Training.
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