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Dog Training Methods

Dog Training MethodsAs part of being a dog owner, you need to survey the various dog training methods and choose one that you feel comfortable using. Many different dog training methods exist including Dog Whispering, Reward Training, Clicker Training, and Electric Collar Training. These are among the most popular dog training methods used these days.  

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What is Electric Collar Training?
Electric collar training is one of the more controversial dog training methods. The way these collars work is to transmit an electric shock to the dog as a form of teaching. If your dog does something wrong, you can give him a small electric shock to try and train him not to make the same mistake again. These collars can be useful when training large or overly aggressive dogs but in most cases they are not needed. The user should be very careful when using an electric collar as they must be used at precisely the right moment in order for the dog to associate the punishment with an unwanted action. Electric collars can cause physical and psychological problems for some dogs when used inappropriately.  

What is Dog Whispering?
Dog whispering is one of the more modern dog training methods. While some dog trainers remain skeptical about its effectiveness, others swear by it. What dog whispering involves is a deeper understanding between you and your dog. The basic idea behind dog whispering is that you can understand your dog by interpreting its body language. You can then communicate what you want to your dog through your body language. “Dog Whispering” was made famous by Cesar Millan who had a USA TV series called “The Dog Whisperer” which aired on the National Geographic channel. 

What is Clicker Training?
Clicker dog training is based around the positive association of a sound with something good happening. A “clicker” is usually a small plastic box that has a metal strip inside it which makes a clicking noise. During clicker training, whenever you reward your dog or give your dog a treat, the clicker is used to make a clicking sound. Over time this sounds becomes associated as being something positive. If you were to use clicker training you would use the clicker any time after your dog did something good. Your dog would feel pleased knowing that he has done something good and want to do it again. While some trainers find this training method very effective, others don’t like the fact that they feel their dog is doing something in expectation of getting a treat. 

What is Reward Training?
Of all the different dog training methods, reward training is probably the most popular. It involves using positive reinforcement in the form of rewards to teach your dog what is good behavior. The dogs favorite toy or food can be used as a treat, also heavily praising the dog in a happy high pitched voice can be a form of reward. Like Clicker training, reward training needs to be consistent and praise or rewards should always be given to the dog immediately so that the reward can become associated with the positive action and not confused for something else. 

Once you decide on which of the varying dog training methods you want to use, your next step will be to apply it to train your dog. Dog training can be a complicated and time consuming task. One book that we highly recommend be used as an aid to dog training is called Secrets to Dog Training. Secrets to Dog Training provides an in depth instruction manual for training dogs as well as dealing with every common dog behavior problem. Visit the Secrets to Dog Training website for more detailed information or to download your copy today.

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