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Dog Training Courses

A range of dog training courses are available these days, but before considering the various dog training courses – I first want to address why training your dog is important in the first place. Training your dog has numerous benefits not only for your dog but for you as well. You will have a closer relationship with a well trained dog, you will be able to trust it more, it will be more loyal to you and it will cause you fewer problems. Dog training allows you to live more comfortably and happily with your dog. 

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What to look for in a dog training course? 

Before you consider buying a course you need to identify what you are looking for in a dog training course. There are many aspects that add to a good dog training course, the following are a few examples of what you may want to consider before buying a course: 

  • Clarity – is the information presented is clear and easy to follow?
  • Thorough – is the information in depth with detailed explanations to avoid confusion?
  • Up to date – are the latest training methods reviewed and used?
  • Video – more of a bonus than a must have but it definitely helps to be able to see exactly how to train a dog, is video provided?
  • Ongoing Support – when you have problems will you have someone knowledgeable to call on?  

The best 3 courses… 

To make the decision easier for you, we have reviewed what we consider to be the top 3 dog training courses: 

The number one dog training course available in our opinion is Secrets to Dog Training by Daniel Stevens. 

Secrets to Dog Training

Secrets to Dog Training
is by far the most in depth and thorough of the all of the dog training courses we have reviewed. The book is presented in a very logical manner making it easy to follow. All the essential aspects of dog training are covered including how to deal with disobedient dog and dog problems, as well as a number of training methods you can use to train your dog. Audio and video training manuals are part of the package as well as a fantastic bonus featuring books on specific problems such as “training and alpha dog”, and “grooming”. One of the best things about Secrets to Dog Training is that members can contact the support team for any problems they may be experiencing with their dogs. 

Dog Training Zone/Dog Training Secrets

Our second best dog training course is Dog Training Zone. In this book Charlie Lafave exposes all his secrets to dog training and leaves no stone un-turned. It’s obvious within the first few pages of Dog Training Zone that Charlie is an expert in his field. All the basics of dog training are covered well in this guide including how to house train your dog, deal with behaviour problems and be obedient in public and in the house. We have ranked Dog Training Zone second behind Secrets of Dog Training because it is not quite as thorough. While the information in Dog Training Zone is extremely valuable – Secrets to Dog Training covers more areas of dog training and each area is explored in more detail.  

Dog Training Online

Dog Training Online by Dove Cresswell is a quality product that comes with useful video instructions on how to train your dog. The information presented is accurate but a little light – it doesn’t explain the training methods anywhere near as thoroughly as the two dog training courses mentioned above. If you prefer using video as a media to get the information this course may be for you, if however you want an in depth guide I suggest looking at one of the dog training courses mentioned above. 


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