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Dog Training Aids

You can make training your dog that much easier by using dog training aids. There are a number of different dog training aids available to fulfill almost any imaginable need. Some are controversial (especially the Remote Dog Collars) and it’s up to you whether or not you want to use these tools. Our personal view is that anything that is used to correct dog behavior by administering pain is not a good training tool. Other trainer do use these kinds of tools however so we wanted to at least mention them and let you make up your own mind.

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Some of the most popular dog training aids include:

Clickers – Used as a conditioned reinforcer
Silent Dog Whistles – To attract attention and discipline
Bitter Taste Deterrents – To stop your dog chewing or scratching where it shouldn’t
Training Bells – So your dog can let you know when it needs to go outside
Remote Dog Collars – Controversial collars used to minimize bad behavior
Ultrasonic Devices – used to emphasize commands

Clickers for Dog Training
These allow you to communicate with your dog in the exact moment that a desired behavior is completed. The theory is that praising a dog for good behavior is delayed too long causing the dog to be confused at to the exact reason it earned the praise. Dog training aids such as clickers also provide the benefit of always emitting the exact same sound – there are no changes in tone, volume or pronunciation when using clickers.

Silent Dog Whistles / Ultrasonic Dog Training Aids
Dogs can hear frequencies of sound which are beyond the limits of what humans can hear (silent dog whistles are usually in the range of 16000 – 22000 Hz). These whistles can be used to get a dogs attention or inflict pain for the purpose of training. Silent dog whistles can be both lung powered and ultrasonic.

Electric Dog Collars for Training
Electric dog collars are used to curb dog behavior by administering a small shock to your dog in response to undesired behavior. This training method is highly controversial, some trainers use it to get quick results while others promise never to use it. The negatives of using this method are that sometimes the dog may be confused as to why it is being punished. This can cause you dog to be depressed. The positives include being able to train your dog from a distance using negative correction tones. These collars can in some circumstances be very effective for teaching dogs not to bark, dig, jump on guests, and gnaw away at furniture.

Poochie Training Bells
These bells are usually hung on the door. The training method states that the bells should be rung each time your dog goes outside. Your dog will over time learn to associate the ringing of the bells with outside access. After some time your dog will be able to ring the bells to let you know when it needs to go outside. This works well with dogs of all ages but obviously puppies are able to learn to use these bells faster than older dogs. This system allows your dog to communicate with you without barking or whining and it can avoid having accidents inside the house.

Grannick’s Bitter Apple Taste Detterent
Another useful dog training aid is Grannick’s Bitter Apple Taste Detterent. The way this product works is quite simple. Apply the spray to whatever object your dog has a habit of chewing, scratching or gnawing away at and the horrible taste will deter your dog from continuing to chew the area. This is a great way to easily and instantly teach your dog not to chew a certain part of the house or furniture.

As you can see, dog training aids come in a variety of forms and perform a number of needs. Some of the dog training aids may not be suitable for your dog and you may not agree with others (we certainly don’t encourage using any form of training that hurts your dog).

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