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Crate Training Dogs

Crate Training DogsCrate training dogs is the term given to a method which is used to house train dogs. A crate (cage) is generally made from plastic or metal and comes in a wide range of sizes. Crate training dogs is considered to be beneficial for both the dog and its owner.

The reason crate training dogs is so effective in potty training is that most dogs don’t want to go to the toilet where they sleep. Given that the crate is where the dog will often sleep, the dog begins to learn to hold the urge to go to the toilet until it is let out of the crate.

When crate training dogs (or puppies) the crate is meant to replicate the puppies den. The puppy will usually stay in the crate at all times except for feeding and supervised play times. When the puppy is let free from the crate it should be taken to the toilet area immediately.

When choosing a crate make sure it is big enough for your dog to comfortably move around in. A good typical crate length is 1.5 times the length of the dog with at least a couple of inches of head room. If the crate is too long the puppy may use the extra space as a bathroom. In the case that your crate is too big for you dog, try blocking of one end of the crate. We recommend plastic crates with wire doors. These are the easiest to clean and make it very easy to transport your dog.

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When crate training dogs, the puppies potty breaks must be at regular (frequent) intervals so that accidental urination and defecation is avoided. As puppies get older they naturally become better at holding there urges to go to the toilet.

You should try to make the crate a nice place for the puppy to be. Putting toys and lining the crate with newspaper of a blanket will help with this. A good tip is to feed the dog close to the crate, progressively moving the food closer to the crate until the dog is eating inside the crate. To help build a positive image of the crate you can give the dog rewards for good behaviour inside the crate.

Crates should never be used as a prison or for punishment and you should avoid closing the crate when the dogs owner is not home. Dogs should not be left in the crate for too long as they may start to feel anxious and afraid.

Crates can be very useful for transporting your dog or puppy. Crates are useful when travelling in the car with your dog and are required for all air travel.

While crate training dogs and puppies has been proven to be a very effective way of training dogs, it is not universally accepted with some experts claiming that dogs and puppies become too attached to the crate after being locked inside it for a long period of time.

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