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Who is Charlie LaFave?

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Charlie LaFave is the author of the best selling dog training book called Dog Training Secrets. Charlie is a proud dog owner himself and has trained many different dogs to a very high level. Charlie’s passion and love of dog’s eventually led him to write a book about how to train your dog to get the best out of him. 

Charlie LaFave recognizes that a well trained dog is always happier, healthier and will lead a better life than one that is untrained. A well trained dog will also give you more love loyalty and affection because his life is better than an untrained dog. 

Charlie LaFave’s book is extremely thorough. It is made up of 216 pages of high quality dog advice, dog training tips and tutorials.   

Dog Training Secrets start’s of by talking about dog psychology and socialization, it goes on to explain in detail why you need to be the leader of the pack and how you can achieve this status with your dog.

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The book progresses by talking about puppy behavior, crate training puppies and how to house train puppies. Every section of this book is presented in great detail with nothing left uncovered. After working through a section dedicated to puppy’s, Charlie LaFave goes on to talk about adult dogs and how they need to be trained.  

Next he gets into talking about the actual dog training, taking you step by step through a fail-proof process which covers all of the most important commands that every dog must know and much more.  

Every major dog behavior problem is addressed. 

One of the things that really impresses me about this book is the thoroughness of it. It covers absolutely everything you could ever think of in an easy to read format.  

The tricks section is also very fresh and appealing. Of all the dog training books I have reviewed – this one offers the most in terms of teaching your dog tricks.  

Charlie LaFave also offers you 5 valuable bonuses when you purchase his book. These cover the foods you should and shouldn’t feed your dog, games you can play with your dog (not the traditional fetch etc), weather advice to look after your dogs health, an introduction to electronic training solutions, and an introduction to clicker training. All these combined with the extremely high quality book make Charlie’s product a steal at less than $40. If you buy the product and are unhappy for any reason at all, Charlie offers a full money back guarantee for 3 months. 

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