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Boxer Dog Training

Boxer Dog TrainingThe boxer is a very popular breed of dog (6th most popular in the USA in 2008) that was first bred in Germany in 1895. It is stocky in build and gets its name from the fact that it often stands up on its two hind legs in a boxing position. As Boxers are intelligent dogs, boxer dog training is very important. Boxers are a popular as guard dogs, some are used by police and army throughout the world.

Boxer dog training requires you to be very patient, firm, and consistent. Boxers are incredible energetic and playful and require a lot of attention, this is one of the main reasons boxer dog training is so important. They are also known for playfully jumping up on strangers.

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Basic Boxer dog training should cover teaching the dog how to sit, stand, stay, down, come, and heel. As with any dog, training a boxer is much easier when it is still a puppy.

The following tips will help you in successfully training your boxer:

Make sure you are the Alpha Dog. What this basically means is make sure you are the leader. You need to command authority and respect from your dog.
Use positive reinforcement throughout training. This is very beneficial and has been proven to work very well. Positive reinforcement may mean giving the dog a treat, or praising and playing with the dog after it has done something good. Be careful not to give too many treats and never give out treats when they are undeserved.
Never hit your boxer. For best Boxer dog training results, refrain from hitting the dog at all times. This kind of punishment is ineffective, counter productive and often confusing for the dog.
Set 10 – 15 minutes training aside each day. By training for a little time each day you will get results much faster. Your Boxer will also notice that you are being very consistent in the training and respond better.
Did I mention consistency? This is perhaps the most important aspect of Boxer dog training! Stay consistent for rapid results!
Don’t use electronic shock collars. These don’t work as well as regular training and you will only end up disappointed. It’s better to work on building your relationship with your boxer than to waste money on these gadgets that don’t provide consistent results.

Hopefully the above tips have given you some insight into the do’s and don’ts of boxer dog training. If you want to speed up your boxer dog training process, I recommend you look at downloading one of the guides below. Secrets of Dog Training is the most thorough and in depth guide and as such we have rated it the highest. It walks you through absolutely every step of boxer dog training as well as advanced training techniques.

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