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Aggressive Dog Behavior

Aggressive Dog BehaviorAggressive dog behavior is generally understood to be intent to do harm to any person or animal nearby. Many dogs show aggression through barking, growling or snapping. These behaviors are considered to be warnings to retreat more than an intention to harm. Some dogs only show aggressive dog behavior when placed on the defensive, when they feel they have no other option than to fight or show a willingness to fight. Hormonal imbalances can also cause elevated levels of dog aggression.

Dog aggression can be seen in all breeds of dogs but some breeds are definitely more aggressive than others. While dogs such as Rottweiler’s, Pit Bull’s and Rhodesian Ridgeback’s have the an aggressive reputation, a recent study has shown that the most aggressive dog breed is in fact the Short-Haired Dachshund (commonly referred to as the Sausage Dog). Coming in at second and third place are Chihuahua’s and Jack Russell’s respectively.

Research has shown that smaller dogs are often more predisposed to be aggressive than their larger counterparts.

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Aggressive dog behavior is least likely to be seen in Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Basset Hounds, Greyhounds and Siberian Huskies.

Dogs are often usually aggressive due to a lack of obedience training when young, but this is not the only factor which contributes to aggression.
Fear and anxiety can cause dogs to behave wildly, as can a traumatic experience, abuse, lack of rules and structure, lack of social activity with humans and other dogs when young, and of course medical or health related conditions.

When deciding on the best approach to dog aggression, you should first identify why your dog is aggressive, what is the core cause for your dog’s aggression? A vet is always your best first port of call. They will be able to tell you if your dog has any medical conditions that are causing the aggression and if so what can be done about it.

A few tips that may help you to overcome your dog’s aggressive behavior are mentioned below:

1. Avoid situations where your dog feels threatened – regain his/her trust. Get your dog used to being around other friendly dogs and people. When walking your dog always keep him on a leash. If you need to punish your dog, don’t do it physically – this will only make your dog more afraid and more likely to show aggression.

2. Spay or Neuter your dog. Dogs that haven’t been spayed or neutered are much more likely to show aggression than those that have been. By neutering your dog you may see significant improvements in his/her behavior.

3. Don’t encourage aggressive behavior. Play fighting with your dog or engaging in any other competitive activity that pits you against him/her will encourage aggressive behavior. Don’t put your dog in a situation where aggression is encouraged.

Excluding medical problems that cause aggressive dog behavior, all other contributing factors can be solved by you in your own home. If your dog is excessively aggressive or you are afraid of your dog you may want to consider getting a professional trainer to work with your dog. If you decide to work on the aggressive dog behavior yourself, you will make much faster progress if you use a guide such as Secrets to Dog Training (written by Dan Stevens).

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