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Training a Golden Retriever

Training a Golden RetrieverGolden Retrievers are one of the most popular and caring dogs. They can form fantastic companions to humans and be very loyal and caring throughout their entire lives. Training a Golden Retriever can be a lot of fun because the options of what you can train one are almost limitless. Golden Retrievers are an extremely intelligent dog (it actually ranks fourth in Stanly Coren’s “The Intelligent Dogs”) capable of remembering up to 240 commands.  

Golden retrievers are known as being kind, friendly and confident dogs. They make poor guard dogs due to their welcoming good nature towards strangers and their natural trusting instinct towards humans.  

Golden retrievers can be entertained for hours playing games and as such training a Golden Retriever is a lot less work than it is for some other dogs.

Golden Retrievers are often trained to be fantastic hunting dogs, search and rescue dogs, and guide dogs.  

On the next page we will discuss training a Golden Retriever to perform various basic activities, before we do however, it’s worth mentioning a few tips that can be used to help the training process.  

The first tip for training a Golden Retriever is to be consistent. You must maintain consistency not only during training but also when your dog is casually resting. Ignoring bad behavior one moment and then correcting it the next will confuse your dog. If you decide your dog is not allowed to sit on your lap for example, don’t allow him to do it sometimes, make the decision that you will not allow it at all.  

The second useful tip is to be patient when training your Golden Retriever. All dogs require a patient owner during training and although Golden Retrievers are very intelligent dogs, they still need patience. If your dog keeps going to the toilet in the wrong place for example, realize that you may not be training him correctly or that he is confused. Stay calm during interaction with your dog because you dog will try to please you – this is especially true in the case of Golden Retrievers.  

Praising you Golden Retriever and giving treats for good behavior or obeying commands is essential. Your Golden Retriever wants to please you so by learning how to do this they will repeat the good behavior over and over. Praising should always be immediate because delayed reactions can confuse your dog. 

Staying calm when training a Golden Retriever is very important. If you start yelling or screaming your dog will only get frightened and be less willing to participate in any form of training. Use your normal voice in a firm but not frightening manner when giving commands.  

On page 2 I will go into detail about Golden Retriever Training and I will give explanations about how to train 5 necessary commands to your dog. Read more about Golden Retriever Training now.   

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