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Secrets to Dog Training Review

Secrets to Dog Training Review
2009 Top Dog Training Guide

Secrets To Dog Training

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Secrets to Dog Training is made up of a comprehensive step by step manual combined with a very useful self help guide. These two resources provide you with all the essential knowledge needed to effectively and efficiently train dogs and to identify and rectify your dog’s problem behaviors.

The author of Secrets to Dog Training is a very experienced and respected dog trainer called Daniel Stevens. His book provides you with everything you need to know in order to effectively train dogs quickly and easily as well as covering other aspects of dog ownership. Whether you need to deal with a specific problem or just want to be a better dog owner – Secrets to Dog Training will give you all the tools and information required.

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Secrets to Dog Training covers an impressive amount of information. The book works from basic training through to advanced and includes the following:

  • What is the right breed of dog for you
  • How to choose a puppy/dog
  • How to prepare your house for a puppy
  • Basic training techniques including house training your puppy.
  • Behavior Problems including Aggression, Dominance, Digging, Barking, Chewing, Separation Anxiety, Eating Poop, Jumping up, Chasing Cars etc
  • Understanding a dogs mindset and how a dog thinks
  • Training your dog to do tricks
  • Health of your dog
  • Dog Whispering

Secrets to Dog Training explains that most of the time dogs aren’t deliberately misbehaving. It says that the cause of many of the most common behavioral problems comes from a lack of communication between the dog and the owner. In Secrets to Dog Training Daniel Stevens teaches you how dogs communicate and shows you how you can clearly and effectively communicate with your dog. Effective communication can lead to massive improvements in your relationship with your dog.

One of the things that I really liked about Secrets to Dog Training is that the techniques in the guide work just as well for old dogs as they do for puppies. Detailed examples and demonstrations are very clear and show exactly what to do to train your dog no matter how badly it misbehaves.

If you are concerned about needing support while training your dog and dealing with ongoing problems, Secrets to Dog Training provides an impressive ongoing support and consultation system. Personal assistance is always just an email or phone call away – not many other training guides provide such personalized attention.

To top of this fantastic course, Secrets to Dog Training comes with 6 free bonuses, some of which include a quick guide to solving dog aggression, how to groom your dog effectively, becoming the alpha dog, security training, an audio version of Secrets to Dog Training and more.


I am very impressed with the thoroughness of this guide. If you are looking for an all round course that covers every essential part of dog training as well as putting special emphasis on fixing your dogs obedience and behavior problems, I think you’ll be very happy with what Secrets to Dog Training provides.

Whether you are looking to teach an old dog new tricks, solve your dogs behavioral problems, teach a puppy the house rules, or just want to have a better relationship with your dog - this course covers it all.

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