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#1 Puppy Obedience TrainingPuppy obedience training can begin anytime after six weeks of age. It’s not necessary to wait for 4 months as some guides claim. As soon as your puppy starts learning, you can teach it. Puppy obedience training is crucial at a young age. A disobedient puppy can cause not only a lot of damage, but also a lot of work.  

Some of the main lessons puppies need to learn include understanding that you are the Alpha Dog, not to nip or bite hard when playing, when and where to go to the toilet, not to bark unnecessarily and not to chew furniture and other personal belongings. Of course there are unlimited examples of things you can teach your puppy but for now I will give explanations of how to train your puppy for just a few of these cases. 

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Puppy obedience training should start with your puppy understanding the fact that you are the Master and the puppy must obey you. All other learning will be much easier once this has been established. One way you can teach your puppy that you are the Alpha Dog is to roll the puppy onto his back. You can do this during play. It’s also a good idea that you don’t allow your puppy to sleep with you as this places them on equal standing with you. 

Puppies naturally start to nip and bite. Initially they don’t know how hard they can do this. The easiest way to teach your puppy not to nip is to immediately stop playing with your puppy the moment it nips. In a firm voice say “No” or “No biting” and turn away from the puppy immediately. Don’t resume playing with the puppy. Repeat this several times until the puppy understands that nipping means no more fun.

House training your puppy is probably the task that requires the most work. One method of training your puppy where and where not to go to the toilet is paper training. One of the most effective forms of paper training is to confine your puppy to a paper covered room or area. Completely cover the area with newspaper to start with. Each day remove a little of the newspaper making the covered area smaller and smaller. Always make sure you leave the paper that your puppy peed on the night before on top of the paper in the room (this teaches the puppy that it’s ok to pee on the paper). Eventually you will end up with just 1 piece of newspaper for the puppy to use. Sometimes the puppy may miss the paper but over time it should become more accurate. Perseverance is needed with all forms of puppy obedience training – especially with toilet training. 

Puppy training takes time and every puppy has accidents. Don’t be overly strict with your puppy, remember that at the end of the day it is still a baby. If you want to speed up puppy obedience training I suggest buying one of the guides mentioned below. While all are great guides, for puppy obedience training I highly recommend Secrets to Dog Training

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