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Obedience Dog Training

Obedience Training DogsNote: This is page 2 of Obedience Dog Training. Page 1 is here: Obedience Training for Dogs

The 5 fundamental commands during Obedience Dog Training are:

  1. Sit
  2. Stay
  3. Down
  4. Come
  5. Stand

The following steps will take you through exactly how to teach your dog these commands and hopefully help make obedience dog training easier.

When your dog is standing by your side, say the word “Sit”. As you say this, push your dog’s backside down gently until he/she is in the sitting position. Once this is achieved you can go ahead and congratulate your dog with a lot of praise and a food treat. Practice this command a couple of times each day – if your dog is a puppy, you should notice that they learn this surprisingly quickly.

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One of the more important commands that need’s to be covered when considering obedience dog training is the “Stay” command. You can teach your dog the “stay” command by putting a piece of food in front of him and saying “Stay”. If your dog starts to approach the food you may raise your hand in a “stop” position. Be firm with your commands. After you dog has held his position for some time, you may allow him/her to come forward and eat the treat. The way to make advancements with this command is to slowly move the food/treat further and further away from your dog. Again, practice this command a couple of times per day in order to build up your dogs understanding and reinforce the command.

Now that you have started teaching your dog these two commands, you should start teaching him/her the “Down” command. You will use this command to stop your dog jumping up on you or other people it may meet. When the dog next jumps up, firmly say “Down”. You may need to physically lower your dog’s front legs to the ground. Make sure you act seriously and show no signs of excitement. When your dog starts to obey this command reward them a treat.

The Come command is another very important part in obedience training of dogs. The best way to train your dog to come is to attach a long lead or rope to your dog’s collar. Command your dog to “Stay” as you slowly walk away from your dog with the leash until it is fully extended. Now say the word “Come” in a high pitched happy voice. If your dog doesn’t immediately come, give the leash a quick tug. If the dog still doesn’t come, give the leash another tug. You might find it useful if you get down on one knee to your dogs level and open your arms as if you want to hug the dog. This is the most welcoming position for your dog. Practice this a couple of times daily, when your dog becomes more obedient, take the long leash off, you wont need it any more.

Next you can teach your dog the “Stand” command. This should be quite a straightforward command to teach your dog. The way to do it is to pet your chest with both hands in an exited voice saying “Stand”. The ideal outcome is that your dog jumps up to you while maintaining his/her excitement to a reasonable level. You don’t want you dog to get overly excited and jump up to aggressively as that can hurt some people. If your dog ever tries to jump up on you when you have not given the “Stand” command, in a deep firm voice say “Down”.

These 5 commands cover the foundations of obedience dog training. Use them often and your dog will respond well.

Remember that plenty of encouragement and praise helps during obedience dog training. You can also get fastest results if you train your dog while it’s still a puppy.

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