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Golden Retriever Training

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Introduce your Golden Retriever to a consistent set of Daily Routines.

Whether you are training a Golden Retriever puppy or and adult Golden Retriever, the first step is always to establish a common set of daily routines - this is an essential part of Golden Retriever Training. This includes when to feed your dog and where, when you will take him/her outside and when they need to go to the toilet (if your Golden Retriever is not yet potty trained I will cover that in a second). Where your dog sleeps and when it goes to bed are also important aspects to consider during the early stages of Golden retriever training. 

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The next logical step of Golden Retriever training is potty training. You can teach your dog when and where to pee using a couple of methods. For the purpose of this article we will just focus on crate training. Crate training is when you train your dog to only go to the toilet when it is outside or when you take him to the toilet. The basic process is based around the fact that dogs don’t like to go to the toilet where they sleep. When the dog is not being watched closely, it should remain in its crate/cage. Find out more about crate training here: One of the most effective ways to improve the relationship you have with your Golden Retriever is to continue teaching it all the time. Professional Golden Retriever training is a good option to further advance your dog, another even better option is to train your dog yourself using a guide. We recommend downloading Secrets to Dog Training which is an in depth and detailed training guide which provides you with step by step instructions for Golden Retriever training.  

Another option for Golden Retriever training is a book called Dog Training Zone. Although we don’t rate it as highly as Secrets to Dog Training with regards to training a Golden Retriever – it is still a fantastic guide. 

Visit Secrets to Dog Training or Dog Training Zone for more information.  

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