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Who is Dove Cresswell?

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Dove Cresswell is a well known professional dog trainer in Hollywood not only for the work she has done on Hollywood film sets but also for her online dog training guide called “Dog Training Online”.  

Dove Cresswell definitely gets results through her training methods. When working on film sets the pressure is really on to get the dogs trained to a high level simply because time is money – literally. Dove’s work can be seen on shows such as Charlie’s Angels, Romeo, and Cougar Crossing. The films she has worked on include Sam’s Lake, Saved, and many others. Dove Cresswell has also trained dogs for high profile TV advertisements including “The Source”.  

Dove Cresswell uses a series of videos to transmit her dog training methods. The obvious advantage of this is that the training is very clear and concise.

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Dove’s Dog Training Online course covers:

  • Puppy House Training / Potty Training
  • Dog Obedience Training
  • Crate Training
  • Walking politely on a leash – The informal Heel
  • The Recall
  • Good Puppy and Dog Manners
  • Special Dog Tricks

After deciding to buy this course you will get instant access to the course. Dove also give you 8 high quality bonuses absolutely free. The bonuses are as follows: 

  1. Direct consultation with Dove Cresswell – got a burning question that you just can’t answer? Ask the expert!
  2. Detailed guide on how to get your dog to play fetch – Dove’s simple method works every time.
  3. Train your dog to play Soccer – this is a game that dogs love to play, this training method will blow you away!
  4. Teach your dog to play Hide and Seek – dogs also love to play hide and seek. Have even more fun with them by teaching them how to play this game!
  5. Dog Sports Information pack – Dove tells you exactly how you can get started in dog sports and talks about some of the most important challenges of the sport.
  6. Choosing dog toys – learn about toys that will keep your dog entertained for hours while you are busy!
  7. Earn your dogs respect – A crucial lesson not to be missed. This makes training that much easier.
  8. Choose the right dog food – Top advice for choosing the right dog food as well as learning the foods you really should avoid giving your dog. 

Overall Dove Cresswell’s course definitely ranks amongst the top online dog training courses. If you want a thorough dog training book then I would recommend the likes of “Secrets to Dog Training” or “Dog Training Zone”, if however you are looking for a video style of presentation or want to learn directly from a well experienced “dog trainer of the stars”, then Dove Cresswell’s Dog Training Online will be perfect for you. 

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