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One of the best ways to successfully train your dog is to use a dog training book. After many emails from our subscribers, we decided to do a mass review of the best dog training books and present to you what we consider the best.  

With so many dog training books available, choosing just 1 as the best was a difficult choice. We decided to present you 2 dog training books that we found were thorough with rock solid techniques.  

Please note – this review takes into account dog training books only, not dog training videos. If you prefer a dog training course that is exclusively on video we recommend you read our review about “Dog Training Online” – the video series created by Dove Cresswell.  

Ok – after sifting through so many courses (the majority of which were total rubbish), the only two that we found to cover all the critical aspects to dog training were “Secrets to Dog Training” by Daniel Stevens and “Dog Training Zone” by Charlie Lafave. 

Here is my overview of both of these top class dog training books. 

Let's begin with one of the internets more popular dog training books - Secrets to Dog Training.  

This dog behavior-training manual presents a highly detailed and meticulous outlook on how best to deal with today's common problems in over anxious dogs. 

The course was created by a man named Daniel Stevens who has a large background in dog care and dog training. His program takes you step by step through some of the most frustrating problems that all dog owners face including aggression, chewing, digging, barking, biting and separation anxiety.

This guide not only addresses how to train your dog, but how to train yourself as a successful dog owner. Through all my years in this industry, I’ve noticed this to be one of the most under-rated dog control skills. I regard it as the key to successful dog training as you can have the world’s most well-trained puppy, but with an ill-informed owner major issues will still arise.

Each and every page of all 176 pages, it is top quality and Daniel provides an excellent step by step instruction on how to train your dog. The writing is precise and every easy to read and follow – all sections are fully backed with a lot of useful pictures to help illustrate each technique as clearly as possible to avoid all confusion.

Even though I thought there were a couple of small things missing, I was surprised at how much I actually learnt and have no doubt that this is a fantastic dog training guide.

I was so impressed by this guide that all the vets and vet nurses who work for me are now working through the program and getting great results. The other thing I just want to mention are free bonuses you also get when you download (they say that the bonuses are for a limited time only so I hope you don’t miss out!). What these bonuses cover is nothing short of genius.

Some of the bonus material included are:

  • Secrets to Dog Training Audio Book
  • A Quick Guide To Dog Aggression
  • All the House Training Methods and Tips
  • Dog Grooming Made Easy
  • Tips on Security Training Your Dog
  • Secrets To becoming The Alpha Dog
  • Unlimited Access To The Members Only Dog Community

This is unbelievable information that you can use immediately to see dramatic changes in your dogs behavior...!

Secrets to Dog Training also offers you the opportunity to upgrade to the Premium version of the product. I personally think this is well worth it because you automatically gain access to over 5 hours of extremely comprehensive video material. What’s more – the videos give you live footage of “in the field” training where you get to see the techniques being used on unpredictable dogs.

Overall ‘Secrets to Dog Training’ is a great program... the best out of the 15 dog training books I reviewed and I recommend it. 

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...and you can see my conclusions below...



When I first saw the Dog Training Zone website, I must confess I thought 'here we go..., yet another so-called Dog Training Guru promising unrealistic results' ...and usually I would've avoided this kind of thing like the plague. 

However, because the whole point of my research was to end all speculation and to find the best of all the dog training books on the net, I just went ahead and downloaded it. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised. The mantra of the website is this: "to have the best obedience trained dog on the block"; and that's pretty much what it does. The techniques are valid and the ideas do work… and I only know this because I've been using some of them for years. 

The training program is thorough and abundant with detailed tutorials.... and you are also given a range of quality bonus gifts. 

If you follow these tutorials you will have success training your dog. No doubt about it.  

What I found was that the results were actually very good. I did manage to get some fairly out of control dogs back in line quite quickly and without too many problems! However, my results did not live up to what was stated on the website nor were they as effective and easy to implement as the techniques in the Sit Stay Fetch.  

Dog Training Zone does work but I'd advise you to read my conclusion below before taking action. 

The Conclusion...

Well, after some deliberation, my conclusion is this: If you want to control your dog immediately then the Secrets to Dog Training guide is certainly the best of all the dog training books reviewed. Don't get me wrong, the Dog Training Zone techniques DO work and if you spent a little time trying to implement everything then you will get great results.... although I do think the reason why I personally was able to implement the strategies taught in Dog Training Zone over the 3 day test period was because I already have a lot of experience working with a wide range of dogs. You may not do? 

So that's it. If you want to control your dog quickly and easily...and within the next few days, then go ahead and... 

Check out the Secrets to Dog Training book. 2010

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