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Dog Training AdviceDo you want to have the best relationship possible with your dog? Do you want to improve your dog’s behavior in any way? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We decided to set up this page to post tips and dog training advice. The dog training advice found on this page comes from a number of leading dog training gurus.

Be Persistent – The first piece of dog training advice is to be persistent. You can’t train a dog properly in 24 hours no matter who you are. You must be persistent with your training to get good long lasting results. Your dog will see that giving up is not an option and respect you even more.

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Be Consistent – Avoid confusing your dog by being consistent in your training methods and your praising your dog appropriately. Dog’s best understand humans when we are consistent so make sure you are consistent for best results.

Have Patience – This is so important, especially when training puppies. Always remember that puppies are babies and their brains haven’t finished developing. Getting frustrated with slow progress will only make the situation worse. The best thing to do if you are losing patience is to go away and come back at a later time to continue the training.

Use Reward Training – Reward training is simple and it works! It builds a stronger relationship between you and your dog as well as encouraging good behavior.

Stick to a Regular Routine – This is similar to being consistent and is important in the early stages of dog training. It can also be a big help when potty training your dog and teaching your dog basic habits such as when to go to bed.

Set Realistic Goals – Did you know that puppies don’t really have any real control over their bladder for the first 12 weeks? Expect accidents during potty training, it can be a slow process but persistence will get results!

Socialize with Your Dog – The last piece of dog training advice is to socialize with your dog. One of the best ways to get to know your dog is through spending time with it. The more you socialize with your dog the happier it will be and the more responsive it will be to training with you. Make sure that while you socialize with your dog you maintain the position as the Alpha dog.

Hopefully the dog training advice provided above will prove useful when training your dog. For much more dog training advice I recommend Secrets to Dog Training (a book written by Daniel Stevens). Its jam packed full of useful information and provides an entire step by step training plan.

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